Website Policy

General Goal
The goal of our Website Policy may be summed up by saying that the Fortuna United Methodist Church (Fortuna UMC) seeks to act with integrity and to promote the safety and benefit of our website’s users.

Copyrighted Material
Integrity includes respecting copyrighted material of all kinds.  Please do not ask to post anything on our website unless you can provide us with documentation showing permission/legal entitlement to use the material.  If you believe your copyright has been violated on the website, please notify us using our Contact Page.

We ask you to respect the material on our website and do not download or use the material except for personal use, and only then in ways that are legal and consistent with Christian beliefs of the United Methodist Church.   If someone has granted us permission for use only on our website, we will note that it may not be downloaded even for personal use.

If you wish to use any of our material for something other than your own private use, you may contact us for potential permission.

Requests for Posting
You are welcome to submit material for the administrators of to consider for posting.  The administrators will determine whether an item will be posted.  We occasionally put information on our calendar for groups using our church facility, but at the current time, we are not accepting advertising or promotions for businesses or groups other than the Fortuna UMC.

Reality Check – Disclaimers, etc.
While we have done everything we can to only provide accurate information, we cannot promise that any website, including ours, is complete or free from errors.  We also cannot provide any promise that our site is free of viruses or other harmful components that might have been inserted without our knowledge.

Our site has provided links to other websites for your convenience, but we wish to make it clear that Fortuna UMC has no authority or accountability for those sites and, as with every site on the Internet, using them or their information is at your own risk.

Blogs or other forums for discussion on or other linked websites may contain personal expressions or opinions of the posting individual.  The Fortuna UMC is not responsible for these posts nor do they necessarily reflect the beliefs or policies of our church.  If something is posted to a blog on our site, we reserve the right to delete the material if it contains language or content that is inappropriate or otherwise harmful in a Christian website.

Your Contact Information
If you choose to give us your contact information, please be assured that we will not share this information with any outside group or organization.  We will not add you to any Fortuna UMC mailing list without first asking your permission to do so.  If you send us a prayer request, please be clear how much information can be announced, but know that we will not give your contact information to anyone outside the administrators of this website without your permission.

We will not provide you with names or any personal contact information of individuals in our church.  If it seems appropriate and, at your request, we may be able to convey your contact information to someone.  Under those circumstances, any further response would be up to that individual.

Social Media
You are very welcome to friend the church on Facebook or any other social media we may utilize in the future.  As with all social media sites, this may open you to diverse postings and/or multiple requests for contacts/friends.  Feel free to accept or decline these requests at your discretion.

We will not post pictures of children without written permission from their parents or legal guardians.  If you have a picture you would like to submit for consideration for posting, we will require documentation for this permission.

At the current time, the Fortuna UMC does not have the ability to receive donations by credit card.  Please be aware that we will not request credit card information from you for any reason.  If you should receive such a request in our name, please DO NOT give any information to anyone and please inform us so we can alert the proper authorities.

In general, we are concerned about the safety of those who use the internet.  Remember that anything you put into cyberspace could well last forever and/or go public.  Privacy rights on the internet seem to be a gray area and security for privacy is even less certain.  There are also con artists and other predators using the web.  Please be careful about things that are private to you, also about identity and financial information.

Changes to This Policy
Fortuna UMC may amend this policy at its discretion.  You should periodically visit this page to be aware of any revisions.  Please be assured, however, that your personal contact information and privacy will continue to be respected.